Make up to $500/month when you join TravelCar’s Monthly Program


List your car via the website or our mobile app. The minimum commitment for monthly program is 30 days.

Drop your car off to our lot. If you need a ride somewhere, we will arrange it for you.

We rent out your car to a trusted and verified TravelCar client.

Get paid for every mile driven on your car.

We only rent your car to trusted and verified clients, plus your car is fully insured!


Monthly Payout

up to 1,950 Miles

Per Mile Payout

after 1,950 Miles

Car categories Cars from 2014 to now Cars from 2014 to now
Compact $200 Min guarantee $0.12
Sedan/Midsize $250 $0.12
SUV/Van $300 $0.18
Luxury Sedans $350 $0.18
Luxury SUVs $450 $0.18
Car categories Cars from 2010 to 2013 Cars from 2010 to 2013
Compact $150 Min guarantee $0.10
Sedan/Midsize $200 $0.10
SUV/Van $275 $0.15
Luxury Sedans $325 $0.15
Luxury SUVs $350 $0.15


Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando


Making sure you and your car are protected is our number one priority

What are the requirements for my car to be accepted?

Your car must be 7 years or less, have no more than 84,000 miles, and must be registered in the US

Do you have insurance?

You never have to worry about your car with our insurance policy. You’re covered with one million in liability and completely protected against theft or damage. You can read more about our insurance policy on our Insurance for Owners section.

Do you verify the renter?

We 100% verify all renters

What happens if the renter of my car receives a ticket or citation?

If a renter gets a ticket or citation, you won’t have to pay for it. We will handle the claim and resolve the matter for you.

If I join the monthly program, do you help with regular car maintenance?

If you join our monthly program, we will cover free monthly maintenance including oil changes and wiper fluid.

What if I need a car while mine is being rented?

If you need a car while yours is being rented, we will provide you with a rental of the same type at a special discount

Do you have customer support?

Our customer support agents are here for you 24/7