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Automated parking near Swettenham Pier

Passengers travelling through the Swettenham Pier find it difficult to locate an available parking spot at the pier’s parking area. The back-up option, which is the best alternative for you, is to park your car near the Swettenham Pier using the TravelCar service.

Why parking at Swettenham Pier is troublesome?

The Swettenham Pier is located at the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. It was established in 1904. Cruise shipping is busiest in this port in the whole of Malaysia. Tourists from around the world enter the country through this port. Along with cruise shipping, Swettenham Pier has held warships, as well as some Navy Ships from several nations.

Effortless parking available near Swettenham Pier

Seeing as how busy the Swettenham Pier is throughout the year, it can be quite a hassle for passengers to locate a free parking spot in the parking are of the pier. What most passengers are inclined to do in this scenario is park near the pier. TravelCar makes this job straightforward for you. There are plenty of free parking spaces available in the districts around the Swettenham Pier and TravelCar will provide you a place with the best deal. Parking options are in abundance for you as you can park near the Swettenham Pier itself, or you may park alongside the hotel you’re staying at. You won’t even have to pay for the parking spot as the parking cost is free of charge. The reason behind this gift from TravelCar is your car is rented while the owner is gone. If you’re worried about the safety of your car, TravelCar has got you covered on that section as well. The parking location that you select, all have cameras installed in them. So, your car will be monitored 24/7 by skilled watchmen through video surveillance. On the off chance that you wake up late and are in danger of missing your booked cruise, you can use TravelCar’s valet parking service. This will save you the hassle of parking your car yourself and you won’t be late for your cruise.

When you drop off your car to a valet, your keys will be kept by TravelCar for safekeeping. This is the ideal situation for you as you can go off on your expedition without worrying about the welfare of your keys. Same applies for the customers who choose to park their car themselves. They can either keep their car keys with them on their journey and risk losing the keys, or give the keys to the TravelCar staff for safekeeping. TravelCar wants to create the best experience for its customers hence they try their best to make the consumer feel right at home when using the service of TravelCar.

Free shuttle transports you to the Swettenham Pier

You may be wondering how you will reach the Swettenham Pier if your parking location is located at a considerable distance from the pier. The simple answer to this query is TravelCar’s shuttle service. Each shuttle has an average transportation time of 6 minutes so whether you’re in a hurry or not, you will reach your destination in a rapid fashion. In addition to being quick, the shuttle holds items for your leisure, as well. You can read adventurous comic books, fashion magazines, or keep yourself occupied with a newspaper.


The procedure of the shuttle’s pick and drop service is basic. You are picked up from your parking location by the shuttle and dropped off at the Swettenham Pier. On your way back from the pier, you may prefer using the shuttle service again. In which case, the shuttle will pick you up from the pier’s parking are and drop you off right in front of your parking spot. If you had entrusted your car keys with TravelCar for safekeeping, they will be given back to you once you arrive at your car.

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