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SEA Airport Parking

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest in terms of air travel. It is located very close to Seattle Downtown, and reasonably close to Tacoma Downtown. SEA was built in 1942 and has grown to be a major airport on the West Coast. SEA is also known as SEATAC, and it is very well-connected to the local area both culturally and in terms of transportation. One of the most unique features of SEATAC is the presence of Sub Pop Records. Parking at SEATAC is best when you use TravelCar. The terminals of SEATAC have numerous wonderful attractions that you can enjoy without even leaving the airport. TravelCar has a strong presence at SEATAC, offering prices that are fractions of the price of on-site parking, all of which can get you to the terminal quickly, sometimes faster than on-site options. TravelCar lots are located all over the place at major tourist destinations, ports, and more. TravelCar lots are safe, secure, and clean. SEATAC is a compact airport, and as a result, parking can be crowded. There are numerous TravelCar locations around SEA, many of which offer valet service. Choosing TravelCar will net you numerous benefits, including cheap parking, great service, and reputable lots. TravelCar is a well-respected company with stellar reviews. Getting to SEA is easier than many airports, though traffic can be heavy for those travelers who are driving. Light Link, Bus, and driving are all possibilities. Always make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time, and consider using valet services to make your trip stress free and simple.

Seattle-Tacoma, often referred to by locals as SEATAC despite its official reference name being SEA, is one of the premier airports of the United States’ West Coast. As a hub of Alaska, Delta, and Horizon airlines, it claims the title of the 9th busiest U.S. airport by passenger traffic and the busiest in the Pacific Northwest. It lies just 15 mines to the South of Seattle’s bustling and high-tech Downtown, and 25 miles from Tacoma, whose recent revitalization has facilitated the growth and flourishing of local business, affordable housing, and public health initiatives.

SEA as an airport project began in 1942 and was completed in late-1944, since which time it has proven to be one of the most vital projects to the region, bringing commerce, tourists, and mountain-loving sojourners to the Pacific Northwest in droves. As an international airport, its three runways, all of which overlook Puget Sound, service flights from all over the country and the world, with many flights coming from China, Japan, numerous Pacific Island nations, and Canada.

SEATAC is well-known for how well it is interconnected with the local metropolitan area; it is serviced not only by numerous types of public transportation but has also been vital to the local arts scene, especially with regard to music. The halls of SEATAC are adorned with album covers, poster art, and murals featuring some of America’s most influential rock, punk, and metal musicians throughout decades of American musical history.

In the same vein, SEATAC is home to Sub Pop, an outlet store for one of Seattle’s most well-known record labels, Sub Pop Records. Responsible for the signing of bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Fleet Foxes, and Iron & Wine, Sub Pop is a huge draw for music-lovers of multiple generations. Music fans can buy vinyls, licensed clothing, and CDs without ever having to leave the airport grounds.

While it is dwarfed in size by some of California’s airports, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the main gateway to the Pacific Northwest. The vibrancy and diversity of the nearby towns and districts exhibit this fact clearly.

Having become a hub of transit and commerce, SEA is surrounded by the rapid pace of Seattle’s daytime business commuters. As a result, parking at or near the airport can be more complicated than many travelers anticipate. Thankfully, the TravelCar parking network is robust and convenient at SEATAC, meaning you can avoid the heavy prices of airport sponsored parking and get to and from your car with ease. This guide will show you how.

SEA Maps, Coordinates, and General Information

AddressIATA CodeAirport TypePhone NumberAirport TrafficCoordinates
17801 International Blvd., Seattle, WA 98158SEAPublic International Airport206-787-5388Just over 45 million passengers47.441389, -122.293056

The terminals of SEATAC contain some of the most enjoyable entertainment, shopping, and food options of any West Coast airport. The above-mentioned Sub Pop Records offers travelers the one-of-a-kind option to buy locally-signed vinyl records before they even depart for their trip. Sub Pop, though, isn’t the only attraction to travelers arriving, departing, or passing through SEATAC International Airport.

For travelers looking for a unique, sweet gustatory adventure, Lady Yum’s macaron shop offers delicious, beautiful deserts alongside dozens of wine offerings, all wrapped in a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere. The nearby Wishing Stone boutique offers geological wonders both raw and crafted. Jewelry, geodes, and gems will dazzle travelers looking for something sparkly to take home. Best of all, it’s owned and operated by a local gemologist and artists by the name of Janet Yoshikawa, whose passion for the beauty of stones led her to open the unique shopping venue.

Finally, there’s Planewear, a mini-shop offering fight-related goods of all types. From comfortable flying clothes to terminal maps and collectibles, Planewear may just be the perfect place for you to get the wardrobe piece you’ve been missing from your travel ensemble.

Getting Cheap and Low Cost Parking at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

No matter what major airport you’re flying from, parking can quickly become an expensive endeavor, especially if you haven’t prepared in advance. Seattle-Tacoma is no different. However, with a little bit of preparation and research, you can find that there are options other than on-site parking that will ensure you get to your flight promptly without having to pay a fortune in parking fees when you return.

TravelCar is a parking company that has set up a network of highly-rated and curated parking lots near airports and other major travel destinations to help combat the high prices of parking that plague areas like those around airport. At SEATAC, you can get parking options through SEATAC for as low as $5 per day with on-demand shuttle rides that cost nothing and run 24/7. In comparison, on-site parking at SEATAC ranges from $30 to $40 per day. On-site parking on the lower end of the spectrum requires you to walk long distances with your luggage and wait in line at elevators to get down to the main departures area. Shuttles from TravelCar’s cheapest lots at SEATAC take 10 minutes or less and don’t require you to lug your baggage long distances or take elevators.

Not only does TravelCar’s parking network offer fantastic rates, but they offer unique services that are almost unheard of in the world of parking. If you’ve got a meeting or a family gathering right after you arrive back from your trip, you can choose a TravelCar lot offering valet and carwash services, allowing you to get your car on the curb when you arrive, clean as a whistle and ready to go.

More and more of TravelCar’s partner lots are participating in their innovative ridesharing program. The Free Parking Program lets you register your car for rental while you’re out of town, earning you free parking whether or not your car is used while you’re away. What’s more is that TravelCar fully insures your vehicle and also gives you a cut of the rental costs. You’ll save fortunes on parking, and you might even bring home some extra money after your trip.

TravelCar is located all across the country at major destinations in every state. In addition to airports, TravelCar has locations near amazing locations like Madison Square Gardens in New York and Navy Pier in Chicago, meaning you can get affordable parking instead of the pricey day-of rates that popular destinations often offer. If you are taking a cruise, major destination ports like San Diego, Miami, and New York Port Authority all have generous offerings on long-term parking through TravelCar. TravelCar has even set up networks around train stations like/

Penn Station and Grand Central Station.

TravelCar lots are known for being safe, clean, and secure. Their online booking system allows you to get a solid understanding of the lot you’ll use long before you arrive. Many TravelCar lots offer security patrols, video security, and more; you’ll be able to choose your lot based on your security needs without worrying about paying high rates.

Layout and Nearby Parking at SEA

SEATAC is a compact, efficient airport with nearly every part of its day-to-day function centered around the main terminal. Because of this compact design, though, parking at SEA International is relegated to a parking tower attached to the main complex. The stories-tall parking structure is immense, connecting to the rail station across the street.  The sheer size of the parking structure means that locating your vehicle and walking to the terminal often takes considerable time. TravelCar partner lots near the airport utilize shuttles which can allow you to skip the long walks from parking spots on high or low stories of the tower and the long waits in car queues to exit and enter the central parking garage.  Here are some of the nearest parking lots:

TerminalNearest LotDirection to ParkingParking HoursShuttle Information
AWallyPark Seattle – Outdoor ValetSoutheast, 5-minute shuttle with curbside valet24/7This location offers in-lot valet with a shuttle that runs every 5 minutes to the airport.  The WallyPark shuttle takes less than 5 minutes to arrive at the terminal, and there are multiple shuttles running at the same time.
BWallyPark Seattle – Outdoor ValetSoutheast, 5-minute shuttle with curbside valet24/7This location offers in-lot valet with a shuttle that runs every 5 minutes to the airport.  The WallyPark shuttle takes less than 5 minutes to arrive at the terminal, and there are multiple shuttles running at the same time.
CWallyPark Seattle – Outdoor ValetSoutheast, 5-minute shuttle with curbside valet24/7This location offers in-lot valet with a shuttle that runs every 5 minutes to the airport.  The WallyPark shuttle takes less than 5 minutes to arrive at the terminal, and there are multiple shuttles running at the same time.
DWallyPark Seattle – Outdoor ValetSoutheast, 5-minute shuttle with curbside valet24/7This location offers in-lot valet with a shuttle that runs every 5 minutes to the airport.  The WallyPark shuttle takes less than 5 minutes to arrive at the terminal, and there are multiple shuttles running at the same time.
NWallyPark Seattle – Outdoor ValetSoutheast, 5-minute shuttle with curbside valet24/7This location offers in-lot valet with a shuttle that runs every 5 minutes to the airport.  The WallyPark shuttle takes less than 5 minutes to arrive at the terminal, and there are multiple shuttles running at the same time.

What Makes SEA Perfect for Booking with TravelCar?

TravelCar partnered lots at SEA simply beat out any on-site alternatives in just about every metric possible. Booking with TravelCar means you can skip navigation through a massive parking complex, walk less with your luggage, and still get to the terminal faster than you would if you’d parked on-site. On top of all those benefits is the fact that you’ll be paying less than 50% of the prices of on-site parking, even with the most premium lots TravelCar has to offer.

TravelCar has regularly proven their trustworthiness, maintaining a TrustPilot score over 9 continually. Their lots are fantastic, and you get to have real customer service as well. TravelCar employs their own customer service agents above and beyond the agents that work at partner lots. If you need assistance, there will always be someone there to help you with questions, concerns, or trip plan changes.

TravelCar at SEA allows you to get phenomenally better prices without having to go in blind. Since you can book online in seconds, you’ll be able to choose your parking in advance instead of being at the mercy of day-of availability and day-of price hikes.

Getting to SEA: Choices, Choices, Choices

SEA is one of the most accessible airports on the West Coast for travelers. Being located centrally between Tacoma, Seattle, and most of the nearby suburbs, driving is a popular choice for airport transport. However, Seattle’s world-class public transport services the airport as well, meaning that public transit is a fantastic choice for many travelers.

  1. The Light Link Rail

Many travelers going to the airport each day travel on the Light Link Rail. This miniature train system has stops all across Seattle. A student in the University District can board the Southbound rail and get to the airport in approximately 40 minutes. Travelers from Angle Lake only need to ride the Light Link for 5 minutes. The Light Link Station is on airport property, and the airport offers rides to and from the station through the large parking complex.

  1. King County Metro and Sound Transit

Both the King County Metro and the Sound Transit Company run buses to and from locations all across the King County region to SEATAC. Depending on your method of ticket purchase, tickets to the airport cost between $2.25 and $3.75. Routes vary considerably, as multiple bus routes have stops at the airport.

  1. Driving

Driving to the airport from Seattle Downtown could not be easier. Though the stretch of road between Downtown and the airport does experience considerable slowdowns at peak hours, drivers simply need to get on I-5 South from Downtown, and signs will lead them directly to the airport. The drive is approximately 20 minutes during non-peak hours and approximately 35-45 minutes during heavy traffic hours.

Last Preparations Before SEATAC Travel

SEATAC can be a busy airport, especially with the number of international flights going in and out of the terminals each day. Always make sure to give yourself plenty of time to check baggage and find your gate. Don’t be afraid to choose valet services; they will save you precious minutes of time that would otherwise be spent carrying luggage long distances. Finally, always make sure you have your parking planned in advance. Don’t let yourself fall victim to over-stuffed lots and high day-of prices!

Tarifs de nos parkings

  1 jour 3 jours 5 jours 7 jours 10 jours 15 jours
Seatac Crest Motor Inn | PARK, SLEEP & FLY $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 $23.97 $63.92
Parking SEATAC Valet Parking $6.49 $19.47 $32.45 $45.43 $64.90 $97.35
Seatac Crest Motor Inn $7.99 $23.97 $39.95 $55.93 $79.90 $119.85
WallyPark Seattle | Outdoor Self-Park $8.95 $26.85 $44.75 $62.65 $89.50 $134.25
WallyPark Seattle | Outdoor Valet $10.95 $32.85 $54.75 $76.65 $109.50 $164.25
Hometowne Studios by Red Roof $12.00 $36.00 $60.00 $84.00 $120.00 $180.00
WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage | Self Uncovered $13.95 $41.85 $69.75 $97.65 $139.50 $209.25
WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage | Self Covered $15.95 $47.85 $79.75 $111.65 $159.50 $239.25
WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage | Valet Covered $17.95 $53.85 $89.75 $125.65 $179.50 $269.25

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