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Is it better to park your car near Seattle Port?

When you are traveling through the Seattle Port, you need a safe place to park your car. The Port of Seattle does possess a parking area but more often than not, it’s filled to the limit with other cars. In this case, it’s better for you to park your car near the port using the TravelCar service.

Learn more about the Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle is a government agency, which runs Seattle’s seaport. The agency was established via the approval of King County voters on 5th September, 1911. Over 200,000 jobs and $20 billion in business revenue is generated by the Seattle Port. It is the fourth-largest container gateway in the whole of North America. More than 898,000 cruise passengers passed through this port during 2015.

Ideal parking spots near the Seattle Port

As stated above, the Port of Seattle is quite busy throughout the calendar year. Every single day, massive number of passengers utilize this port for travel purposes, which implies that the port’s parking zone is constantly occupied and no parking spaces are available. To counter this issue, a great number of passengers just park their car at any available parking spot near the Port of Seattle. They do this via TravelCar. You can park close to the inn you're lodging at using the services of TravelCar or book a parking space which is rather close to the port itself. A selection of accessible parking spots will be displayed to you and you may pick whichever spot you see fit. Customers lean towards TravelCar more due to the fact that the parking fee is free of charge. The reason behind that is your car will be rented while the owner’s away. You can likewise put your automobile in valet parking or you can park it yourself. There will be 24/7 video reconnaissance for your car so don’t worry about that.

There are a ton of highlights of the TravelCar that make it unique among all the best automobile parking services on the planet. They are constantly open to complaints and on the off chance that you do have an objection, they ensure that they amend the issue as quickly as possible. TravelCar’s client support is top quality, as well. If you experience any challenges while booking your parking spot through the TravelCar, you simply need to educate the client support and the issue will be dealt with. TravelCar promises to never leave any customer with a distaste for their service. You can even keep your car keys with them while you go away on your lovely cruise. There’s a possibility of you losing your keys on your journey and TravelCar ensures that this possibility is eliminated.

Get TravelCar’s free shuttle to the Port of Seattle

A rapid shuttle service has been launched by TravelCar, which transports every passenger to the terminal at the Port of Seattle, free of cost. However, if you’re willing to take a walk from your parking space to the port, you are more than welcome to do so. It would interest you to know the average response time of a single trip by a shuttle is about 6 minutes. During this trip, you may entertain yourself by reading different comic books, fashion magazines and newspapers that the TravelCar offer you. It is made sure that you enjoy each minute of your illustrious journey.

The shuttle picks you up from the parking spot you booked and drops you directly before the takeoff terminal of the Port of Seattle. On your return, the shuttle will be accessible for you to utilize. In this case, it will drop you off at the location where your car is parked. Going on a cruise has never been this effortless and it’s all thanks to TravelCar!

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