Port of New Orleans
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Parking available besides the New Orleans Port

Locating an available parking space at the Port of New Orleans can quite a challenging task. Most of the travelers who bring their car with them to this port don’t actually park at the port. They use the best alternative and park near the New Orleans Port using the terrific services of TravelCar.

Can you park at the Port of New Orleans?

The Port of New Orleans is one of the only deep-water draft port in the world. As of 2016, it is the 4th largest port in the whole of United States. Although, the basis of this ranking is on cargo volume. The port holds a gigantic wharf, 3.4 km long, which is the largest in the entire world. On average, 90 million short tons of cargo, 50,000 barges and 1 million cruise passengers pass through this port every year.

Trouble-free parking located near New Orleans Port

As described above, the New Orleans Port is busy throughout the year. Passengers from all over the United States utilize this port and it can get crowded. Due to this problem, a parking conundrum arises. People find it difficult to find a free parking space in the Port’s parking area. The optimal solution to this issue is to park near the New Orleans Port via TravelCar. TravelCar provides its customers with a range of parking spaces close to the Port of New Orleans. Some customers relish parking locations which are close to the port itself, while others tend to choose parking spaces which are near the hotel they’re staying at. You have a choice so choose as you please. It is important for you to turn up at the airport on time. Although, troublesome situations may surface from time to time. In this case, you can just use the rapid valet car service. One of the valets will take your car and park it to the designated space. Valet parking is free and saves a customer in hurry a lot of time. You also have the option of parking your car yourself and use the automated parking service, as well. Many customers ask how TravelCar ensures the safety of a consumer’s car. Well, it’s quite simple, really. There are cameras installed in all of the parking locations which provide video surveillance 24/7.

It’s important to understand that along with everyday video observation, TravelCar additionally offers you the parking spot free of cost. Yes, that’s right. You don’t need to pay any measure of cash to confirm your parking spot, as your car is rented while the owner is away. As you're intending to go on your trek through the New Orleans port, it is astute that you turn in your keys with the TravelCar staff once your car is parked. If you take your car keys along yourself on your excursion, there is an immense danger of your auto keys being lost. Get rid of this danger via the help of the TravelCar staff and keep your car keys with them.

Get a shuttle to the Port of New Orleans

TravelCar has made voyaging exceptionally easy by opening a shuttle service. This shuttle will enable you to reach the Port of New Orleans from your parking spot rapidly. Customers love to utilize this service since it costs them nothing. Shuttles are ready to transport you to your destination, on your demand. The average transportation time is about 6 minutes, which is quite fast. On the off chance that you feel exhausted while you're voyaging, you can read a few magazines or comic books that TravelCar offer for your pleasure.

You will be picked up by this shuttle bus and dropped off at the New Orleans Port. Remember to check that all of your belongings are with you because TravelCar will not be responsible for any lost belongings. Upon your venture return to the port, the shuttle will pick you up and transport you right to the location of your car.

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