Port of Juneau
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Why you should park near the Port of Juneau?

Parking at the port’s parking area can be quite troublesome. There is a horde of cars occupying all the space of the parking area. That is the case almost every time. The sensible thing to do in this case is to park your automobile near the Port of Juneau using the services of TravelCar.

A small background on Juneau Port

The Port of Juneau is situated in Juneau, which is the state capital of Alaska. The city has a population of 30,000 residents and most of these residents travel through the Juneau Port on a weekly basis. There is rain at the port more than 220 days of the year. The Port of Juneau offers berths right adjacent to the downtown area. A passenger can literally walk off the shop into a shop, bar or restaurant.

Easily accessible parking spots near Port of Juneau

The Port of Juneau is quite a renowned sea-port in the state of Alaska. Since it's so renowned, many individuals in this state tend to utilize this port terminal to go on cruises visiting other places. The parking are of the Juneau Port is compact and it can be exceptionally hard to locate a free parking spot at the parking area. Rather than parking their car at the port’s parking area, the vast majority of passengers simply employ the services of TravelCar to acquire an available parking space near the port. TravelCar has been viewed as a standout amongst the top parking administrations by a ton of the best magazines. TravelCar offer you with a variety of good parking locations that you can choose from. A large part of the general population utilizing this service get a parking spot close to the hotel they’re staying at. In the event that you are not able to park your automobile yourself, you can use TravelCar's valet parking. You won’t have to fret about parking your car, anymore. Many consumers wonder how TravelCar keeps the safety of the cars in check. There are cameras placed around every parking place. Your car will be monitored 24/7 through video surveillance.

You will be delighted to learn that the parking fee is free of cost. The reason behind this grand gesture by TravelCar is due to the fact that your car is rented while the owner is away. If you encounter any problems with the service of TravelCar, you may file a complaint with the customer support. Your complaint will be dealt with as soon as possible and a permanent solution will be found.

Get to the Juneau Port by shuttle

To avoid people walking from their parking location to the port, TravelCar has launched a brand new shuttle service which carries all customers from their parking spots to the Port of Juneau, rapidly. This shuttle service will cost customers nothing at all, and the luggage of each individual will be delivered to the port’s baggage claim, as well. If you are stressing over the time it will take for a single shuttle to transport you to the Juneau Port, we can reveal to you that, normally it takes 6 minutes for a shuttle to complete its excursion, which is quite snappy.

TraveCar wants to make your journey as smooth and effortless as possible. The shuttle picks you up from the place where your automobile is parked and drops you at the departure terminal of the Juneau Port. Additionally, when you return, the shuttle will be there to pick you up from the terminal and drop you directly at your automobile parking spot. At that point, you can recover your keys from the TravelCar and have a glorious drive back to home!

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