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Parking address

21104 International Boulevard, SeaTac, US-WA 98198, US


They had the wrong return date listed at the lot. Our car was therefore in the back of the lot and took some time to get out upon our return. Also, the van was there when we picked up our checked bags and called to get the shuttle to come pick us up. Instead of waiting 3 minutes for us to walk over to the pick up area, he said he'd come back for us... 20 - 25 minutes later.

David W., 10/31/2019

Seemed a little sketchy at first, especially since this was our first time using this service. We met the shuttle driver in an auto parts parking lot across the street from the address they gave us on line. We followed the shuttle, along with 6 other vehicles to a different parking area. Everything worked out ok, however, and we applaud the effort of a startup company to give us a less expensive option for parking our vehicle while flying out of SeaTac.

Bob R., 10/29/2019

The reservation receipt should indicate the name of the shuttle to take in the way back to the airport. Everything else was great. thanks,

Alireza N., 10/21/2019

I just flew out of Seatac airport and this was a great affordable find! Staff were very attentive and took care of my car very well. The lot is a bit sketchy, super tight fenced area with trees but when I saw my car in mint condition I was very happy with the service. The shuttle took 20 minutes to pick me up from the airport which would be my only complaint, besides that everything was great!

Seyda G., 09/23/2019

Apparently they were kicked out of their original lot and are now operating out of an O’Reillys parking lot, which was kind of sketchy. I honestly feel uncomfortable leaving them my keys. The shuttle was okay but didn’t seem organized and we left the lot then pulled back in multiple times to wait for someone (thankfully we left lots of time before our flight, if we didn’t we would have been in trouble). The shuttle driver was very very pushy about tips and I do not carry cash when I travel and felt his service didn’t warrant a tip (since a 5 minute drive took 25 after driving around the parking lot multiple times). I ended up taking an Uber on the return trip to avoid being harassed about a tip again. Upon arriving at the lot, attendant asked the what type car and my name (I actually gave my nickname which wasn’t listed) and he brought my car out quickly and handed over the keys without a second glance. I noticed they had left the paper with my name on it face up on the dash. I thought to myself, literally anyone with a good eye could read that paper, and say my car type and name and he’d hand over the keys without question. Overall, I guess the service was good because I still had my car by the end of it and the price to park was very affordable, but I will definitely be doing more research on a lot and their reviews before committing in the future!

Madeline W., 09/17/2019

This was a very trustworthy and easy parking and shuttle service. Thank you guys so much for making my travels hassle-free!

Sally K., 09/04/2019



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  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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