Southampton Cruise Port

Is parking cheap near Southampton Cruise Port?

People who are considering traveling via the Southampton Cruise Port should park their car near the port. The parking area of the Southampton Cruise Port is congested and limited parking spaces are available. TravelCar offers the best parking offers near the port.

Where is the Southampton Cruise Port located?

The Southampton Cruise Port is situated in the state of New York in the United States. The Cruise Port at Southampton was established in 1843.

Great parking offers near the Cruise Port at Southampton

The Southampton Cruise Port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the United Kingdom. Daily, an excessive amount of passengers pass through this port, which creates a parking conundrum for many passengers. Since there are so many people traveling and there isn’t enough parking space in the Southampton Cruise Port parking area, it can be quite a hassle to find an accessible parking spot. TravelCar have come up with the ideal solution to this rigid problem. Passengers should just park their cars near the port using TravelCar’s service. TravelCar gives you the most appropriate parking areas that fit your criteria, and are close to the sea-port of Southampton. After choosing a parking location, you have to select an accessible parking spot on that location. If you are a tourist and are staying at an inn or a hotel, you can choose a parking space besides your living place. In case you are not happy with your booking, you can alter the booking and select a new spot. For individuals who may be getting late for their cruise, there is a valet parking option available. Just give your car keys to one of the valet and he’ll ensure your car is parked safely at the parking space which you booked. The protection of your car is assured by TravelCar. There are cameras installed throughout every parking location, hence your automobile will be under 24/7 video surveillance.

The staff of TravelCar is, to a great degree, neighborly and if you face any difficulties regarding the service you receive, just inform the client support. They will make sure your queries reach to the higher personnel of TravelCar. TravelCar has also developed an exceptional trustworthy association with its clients and a considerable lot of the clients have no issue in keeping the keys of their car with TravelCar for the purpose of safekeeping. They think it’s necessary for the car keys to stay in Southampton, as clients may lose their keys when they are on their cruise expedition.

Free shuttle will take you to the Southampton Cruise Port

To make the traveler's trek from the parking region to the Southampton Cruise Port effortless, TravelCar has opened up a shuttle service. However, you may stroll to the port in the event you don’t feel like traveling in a shuttle. This shuttle service has been viewed as extraordinary compared to other transport administrations. The normal time to drop a client at the sea-port terminal is just around 6 minutes. There is a range of comic books and magazines available for the passengers to read, while in the shuttle.

  The shuttle schedule is pretty standard. You are picked up at the parking area of your automobile and after that dropped off at the Southampton port, alongside all your luggage. If you wish to travel in the shuttle on your way back as well, you’ll be picked up at the arriving terminal of the Southampton Cruise Port and transported to your designated parking spot.

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