Port Leith


Don’t park at Port Leith

The Leith Port sees a lot of daily passenger traffic. Finding an accessible parking spot in the port’s parking area can be problematic, as there are limited parking spaces. The best alternative is to park your car near Port Leith. You can do this easily if you employ the services of TravelCar.

Find out more about Port Leith

Port Leith is commonly known as Leith Harbour in Edinburgh, where it was established by Christian Salvesen Ltd. It was a whaling station from 1909 until 1965. William Storm Harrison played a prominent role in setting up Port Leith. When it was a whaling station, it was the largest of the seven stations that existed in the world back then.

Best alternative to parking at the Leith Port

Port Leith is one of the busiests sea-port in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a result of that, a lot of people pass through this port on a daily basis. These passengers bring their car with them to park in the parking lot of the Leith Port. Unfortunately, the parking area is restricted and available parking spaces are hard to find. To counter this issue, these travelers park their car near the port. The illustrious service of TravelCar will assist you in this issue. TravelCar provides travelers with possibly the least expensive parking areas close to the Port of Leith. You may pick any area out of the choices given to you. In the wake of picking a parking location, you are to book a parking spot in that location. There are a couple of options you can choose here. You may want to get a parking space which is close to your living place or you may just want a parking spot which is near the port. Selecting a parking space near the Leith Port is valuable for customers and TravelCar makes sure that customers are satisfied with what they receive. There may be times when individuals wake up late and they don't have sufficient time to get ready for their cruise so they have to hustle. Under such circumstances, travelers can benefit off TravelCar’s valet parking service. All you need to worry about is handing over your car keys to a valet. The one thing you won’t have to worry about, at all, is the safety of your automobile. With cameras positioned everywhere, your car will be under video surveillance 24/7.

The customer support of TravelCar has been seen as a standout amongst the most exceptional customer services by the general population. The reason behind this is that they are continually eager to tune in to their customers' complaints and rectify the problems that occur. A strong bond has been formed between TravelCar and its clients, which encourages clients to leave their car keys behind for safekeeping. This is the best case scenario for clients, since there will be zero possibility of a client losing their car keys on their cruise expedition.

TravelCar’s rapid shuttle service

The executives of TravelCar are always looking to create a better experience for its clients. That’s why they have initiated a shuttle service, which conveys the clients from their parking spot to the Leith Port, in rapid time. In fact, the average time for one single trip is recorded at 6 minutes. While you are traveling in the shuttle, you can read one of the many comic books and magazines that are available.


The shuttle service works in a straightforward way. You stand at the location of your parking spot and a shuttle will pick you up. Following that, it will drop you off at the terminal of Port Leith. If you are caused any inconvenience during your journey, let the customer support of TravelCar know about it. Clients are able to utilize this service on their way back from the Leith Port as well.


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