Meet Greet Manchester - Park Mark® (292)

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Manchester Airport, Manchester M90 1QX, GB


A very good all round service

William S., 11/08/2019

This company provided excellent service at great value for money for Meet and Greet. Saved a huge amount of time. Clear instructions and everything ran smoothly. Friendly staff

Matthew S., 11/04/2019

Great service and great price, was very pleased.

Siobhan M., 11/02/2019

Excellent service

Joe N., 10/31/2019

First time using this type of service so was a little apprehensive but we followed the instructions received in booking confirmation, drop off and pick up went very smoothly, staff were pleasant, absolutely no complaints at all, (just make sure you have the £4 car park exit fee in cash at drop off as I thought I could pay by card but this wasn't the case, we had to scrape some coins together). Would definitely use this service again and recommend to friends.

Lowri H., 10/29/2019

Staff were as helpful as possible but spoke very limited English. The staff dropping the car off has also rubbed his sleeve all over the windscreen and left fibres all over the drivers side windscreen, leaving it stained and dirty on the inside. Causing a distraction in visibility when driving my daughter and partner home on a dark motorway at 2am

Huw R., 10/27/2019

Great service from start to finish, and the staff member was pleasant and friendly. Will defo be doing this again.

Stephen M., 10/27/2019

Excellent service. No waiting around, will definitely use again.

Emma P., 10/25/2019

First time used this and absolutely loved it, very efficient and quick. Will use it next time.

Marina M., 10/23/2019

Very easy service. First time with meet and greet and we will definitely do this from now on.

Georgia B., 10/22/2019

Great value for money and service.

James G., 10/22/2019

First time using the meet and greet so I was a bit worried about how it worked and would go. Driving from Glasgow to Manchester Airport, its hard to judge the timing due to traffic etc. the guys accommodated and worked with me being an hour early. Way home waited 5 mins for my car. I will definitely be using the service again and would highly recommend. Seamless service.

Lee D., 10/20/2019

We had excellent service .will always use travel car

Kenneth F., 10/15/2019

Absolutely fantastic service, first time using it and it was so easy. On the way back to collect my car the driver had turned the heating on as we landed 2am, that is so thoughtful and im very happy with my experience. Thankyou

Nicola B., 10/14/2019

Excellent service no hanging around on arrival or departure will definitely recommend and use again.

Laura B., 10/14/2019

So easy quick and responsive, brilliant price no waiting about like other services we used in the past, would definitely recommend

Kelsey S., 10/14/2019

Had to wait 45 mins with my kids stood in a busy car park, wont be using again.

lee M., 10/09/2019

Excellent drop off little bit of a wait on pickup. Overall very good service and price.

Richard S., 10/05/2019

Excellent service and on time. We had a slight delay arriving which didn’t cause any issues with the team collecting. My car was there on arrival Back into the UK so there wasn’t any waiting around once back. Overall, great value for money service!

Tom B., 10/02/2019

Used it for the first time and will definitely use again. So much easy than messing about for transfer busses to a car park 5 miles away.

Steven W., 09/26/2019

All went very efficient and with no problems even with our delay, would use again no hesitation

helen E., 09/26/2019

Was very pleased with all will use again

Simon R., 09/25/2019

Second time I have used these guys. Very good service

Andrew S., 09/24/2019

Good service, No issues, driver was on Time on departure and when we arrived. just not happy about hidden Costs for entry and exit, 8.50£

Kinga K., 09/23/2019

Really efficient, quick pick up and collection! Couldn’t ask for more ! Very friendly and helpful

Rebecca H., 09/21/2019

Can't fault it, great price, great service

David H., 09/19/2019

After reading your Facebook page reviews I was very worried to say the least but pleasantly surprised when it came to the day as everything went smoothly and did exactly what you state on the website. I would suggest to update the website with a simple way of changing the vehicle as I use a company car that changes regularly and had to email which wasn’t responded to and call a help line which was an American lady but did not fill me with confidence that it was changed, it was and there was no issue when going or arriving

Ben J., 09/19/2019

Great service, no complaints!

Dan R., 09/18/2019

Very nice staff

Karen L., 09/18/2019

Excellent service and really good price! was really pleased made it so easy for us would definitely be using again

Misha K., 09/14/2019

Absolutely brilliant service, flexible with timing

Jun L., 09/12/2019

Thought the service was excellent and without a hitch Thank you

BRIAN H., 09/12/2019

Great service, with definitely recommend

Joseph N., 09/11/2019

Excellent service, driver arrived at the aiport at 4am within 10 minutes of our call! Will definitely use this service again, thank you!

Jade A., 09/10/2019

Absolutely amazing experiences with this company, no waiting.... Strongly recommending.

Michal S., 09/09/2019

10 out 10 service, highly recommend

Luke H., 09/08/2019

Recommended by a family member. Never used before, but I would use again. Relatively straight forward for a new user. They give you all the information you need, so pay attention-the airport charge to get in and out. I had to ring a few times after arriving back in the UK, but it was a busy Saturday, so fair play. The bloke on the phone even helped me navigate my way out to the correct car park successfully. I appreciated his patience. Made my life a whole lot easier.

Glenn H., 09/07/2019

Arrival for drop off was excellent, staff waiting, directions perfect and information of what to do next could not of been better. Got the car back in the same condition as it was left !! With great information from staff about how to leave the pick up area. Only issue was a 35 min wait at the car park for car to be dropped off. Just too long to wait with kids at gone midnight but when we called they did assure us the car was on it's way. I would use this service again and recommend it to friends and family.

Gareth P., 09/05/2019

Fantastic service

Stephen M., 09/02/2019

Excellent service, very professional

Ben C., 08/31/2019

Friendly staff. Prompt time keeping and effective collection and drop off. Thanks.

Matthew P., 08/30/2019

Very easy, simple to use. Had no problems at all and would use them again without hesitation

Rehana W., 08/28/2019

Really efficient, convenient service - would happily use again!

Kavi K., 08/27/2019

Great service really easy and hassle free. Will be using again

Nigel S., 08/26/2019

Great service

Andrew P., 08/25/2019

Very good service, very polite staff and they where were they said they would be at the time they said. Wouod recommend

Gill D., 08/22/2019

What is says it what it does. We booked in advance and followed the instructions on the sheet we downloaded and never had any problems what so ever, they inspect your car for damage and take your mileage before leaving, I would recommend them and will be using them if we go away again.

Ursula M., 08/22/2019

Excellent service, great value for money. We’ll definitely be using this service again

Ella W., 08/21/2019

The service was an absolute dream: smooth, prompt and friendly staff. We won’t be going back to park and ride after such a great experience.

Clare K., 08/20/2019

Fantastic service Would definitely recommend

Lyndsey B., 08/19/2019

1 st time we have ever used this company, was so easy and polite and helpful, will definitely be using them again .

Natalie G., 08/17/2019

You have to phone couple of Times to get it through the number provided but other then than good service for money. Recommended.

Przemyslaw J., 08/16/2019



  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


1 jour £42.00
3 jours £44.00
5 jours £43.00
7 jours £50.00
10 jours £46.00
15 jours £67.00

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