Grove Road, Slip End Luton, LU1 4BZ, GB

On arrival

On arrival: 

  • Enter car park and park in lanes as indicated. 
  • Details for checking in & airport transfer will be displayed.

Upon your return

On return

  • Go to bus stop 12  
  • Driver will advise you of car collection procedure when you get back to the car park.

Constantin N.
Excellent services!
Danette C.
Everything and evryone in the car park at Luton were great but the website we booked through were unsatisfactory. First they gave a code that was not recognised on the system and so the car park attendant had to look it up on the system for us and then we had to re enter everything to do with flights time and car on the system as our car was down as a Seat in the system! The instructions on the email on return were totally wrong, advising us to go to bus stop 12 which doesnt exist. Ultimately, the Travelcar website needs to be better and send out accurate instructions and correct codes. If Luton didn't have a manned car park the problems would have impacted on the holiday.
Ilia Q.
Parking confirmation email wasn't recognised by staff at airport...Had to pay £80
Sarah A.
A great service from the parking staff who quickly resolved my booking problem. Despite having a confirmation email of my booking there was no record of it on their system upon arrival.
Les T.
Parked my car for one week with 3/4 of a tank of fuel and when I come back there was half a tank and my tip ometer which I reset to zero as I parked up was on 109.8 miles and when I confronted one of the workers he got nasty and even when I drove off he was shouting I will remember your face
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