Go Park and Ride - Park Mark® (401)

At Go Park and Ride, we have on-site toilets & baby changing facilities, disabled access, and a purpose-built valet bay to professionally wash and clean your vehicle.

Please respect the arrival time you book with us - we recommend at least an hour before your flight check-in. If you are running late then please call the number provided in booking confirmation to let us know, so we can prevent delays with your transfer.

Avoid the Manchester Airport drop-off fees! Our car park is Park Mark® approved: 

Parking address

Morley Nurseries & Tearoom, Altrincham Road, Manchester SK9 4LY, GB


Guys where so friendly and car was well secure. Will use again.

Laura M., 11/11/2019

Really friendly and more importantly on return a quick service, thanks guys

Stephen E., 11/07/2019

Really quick and friendly service. Dave was especially helpful.

Damien S., 10/29/2019

Dave picked us up from the airport and despite the cold and time he was super friendly and helpful. The whole process was really easy. Will definitely be back

Michelle C., 10/28/2019

V easy to find and not far from airport. Helpful staff.

muhammed A., 10/27/2019

Really affordable, really simple service..no hassle,we dropped off they took us to the airport, on our arrival back we called and they came straight to get us. Perfect..location is really close to the airport too...car park is also very secure and well kept

Sam P., 10/27/2019

Excellent service! Would defiantly use again, the men who work there work HARD! When we arrived they were waiting for us got us to the airport quickly and on the way back they bright the car to us because it was far easier for us, nice chaps.

Georgia R., 10/22/2019

Nightmare one bloke doing everything. Felt sorry for him. Long wait at airport,car blocked in. Never again.

Keith M., 10/04/2019

On day of arrival we was made to wait an hour when they said they would be 15mins. Then when they arrived we paid for the valet service £25 and off we went. Driver going was ok polite and safe. Coming back. Again late said 15mins and was 30mins then his driving was not good. Flying around the corners and speeding. Then when we got to the parking lot we was left to open the boot of the van and get our own luggage out while they went to find the car key that they couldn’t find. The car comes over and not been cleaned in or out so I asked for the money back and was told don’t have cash here. He was about to say claim online and I said not leaving her without the money. So the boss over the phone had to transfer me the money by me giving my bank details. Luckily I don’t use the account I gave them.

Lee E., 10/03/2019

Brilliant service from start to finish, would highly recommend.

Elizabeth T., 10/01/2019

Overall a very positive experience. Post code worked well and we found the place easy despite others having some difficulties. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The shuttle was quick on the way to the airport. On the way back we had to wait a little bit but the place was chosen well so we didn’t get wet or cold and it was all comfortable. :)

Ekaterina K., 09/30/2019

Fast and kind

Stefan P., 09/30/2019

I would definitely use this service again! The staff were so helpful, friendly and lovely! We are very delayed due to problems at the airport and they came for us when we needed them too without any problems.

Mary M., 09/29/2019

Good friendly service and I would use again

Tony W., 09/28/2019

Friendly staff but very disorganised. We had to wait over an hour for the shuttle bus and nearly missed our flight. On our return we had to wait another 45 minutes for the bus to pick us up. They then spent another 30 minutes searching for car keys which they lost. I will use Travel car again but not this parking location.

MICHAEL B., 09/27/2019

Lovely people. Not great organisation. Going out was good - very efficient. Waited nearly an hour to be collected at the airport on way back. Had to find my own car in compound at 3am with sleeping toddler and pregnant wife as the company had me down for the wrong collection time. Again - lovely people otherwise this could've been a 1 or 2 star review at best.

Matt W., 09/27/2019

Outbound we arrived early in the morning and there was no one on site. After a quick phone call we were told that someone would be back in five minutes. 25 minutes later someone arrived with pick up from the airport. After another 15 minutes while the driver tried to find keys for the car of the guy who just arrived it turned into a self service for the outbound customers booking their own cars in. Starting to get a bit concerned as to whether we would make our flight, we stressed that to the driver. We did make our flight but only at the last gate call. Inbound we arrived at 14.30 and the service was brilliant. I would recommend the site but not if you have an early morning flight.

Neville W., 09/26/2019

Leaving the car was easy: a sheet with all external marks on the body was filled, keyes were handed over and a minibus took us to the airport. Coming back was another matter: we tried ringing the mobile number provided for about 15 minutes to no avail, the "meet and greet" number finally answered and 30 minutes later the driver picked us up. Car was parked in a different spot, touching the car in front and behind it. Apparently they do not engage hand brakes, for the fear of seizing the brakes, so cars are bound to move. Also, in pitch darkness, there was no way of checking for new marks (noone went round with the original sheet) - in the light of day I see a couple of little scratches in the back bumper. Not sure if we will use the service again...

Ela S., 09/22/2019

All good, nice staff and quick transport. Car kept safe

Dawid B., 09/21/2019

Booked last minute, other airport car parks were twice the price! And actually the transfers with this company were so much quicker! Would definitely use again. Very efficient staff, easy to find at 3am, no queing to leave the car park, pick up from the airport within 5 minutes of leaving the terminal. Great service thank you.

Kimberley H., 09/21/2019

Great service picked up within 5 minutes off of leaving airport terminal car will defo use again

Miguel S., 09/21/2019

Staff and parking were brill, so polite and friendly, can't fault them! Only trouble was we had to wait 50 minutes for the transfer from the airport back to the car park. Which with a two hour drive home to come was a bit frustrating.

Bethany C., 09/21/2019

Perfect service, better than I expected and the price was amazingly low, its certainly better than getting the train etc

Adrian E., 09/19/2019

All staff are really helpful and Paul is really friendly and per light

John H., 09/17/2019

Carpark was quiet a way from the airport, about 20 mins. The shuttle bus was very old and tired, one space didn't have a seat belt. The guy who drove us out was ok but the guy coming back was so short with me on the phone, far too abrubt after a long day of travelling. Probably wouldn't use it again. I suppose this is all reflected in the price.

Charlotte A., 09/16/2019

There was no one at the car park upon my arrival it was locked shut although I’d booked and they were expecting me, when I returned to Manchester Airport I had to wait 45 minutes to be collected not quite the 10 minute wait they advertise, although the staff were very pleasant I’ll not be using the car park again as I would rather pay a little more and not be left standing around with my luggage.

Tim S., 09/16/2019

Great. Fast service. No trouble at all. We will be using them again.

Kristina W., 09/15/2019

Dave was fantastic couldn’t fault one bit

paul R., 09/12/2019

Minibus could do with valeting seats, but overall enjoyed the service

Tadi M., 09/10/2019

Dave was our driver back and he was so polite from the off set great communication all the way back and very funny. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about Dave or about the company itself I felt very happy with how secure my car was for the week I was away.

Naquita H., 09/10/2019

Great service from these guys, really easy journey there and back completely seamless. Will use again and 100% recommend!

Emma-jo B., 09/09/2019

Fantastic A* service, it really took the stress out of parking and the worry with regards the safety of my car. The instructions were spot on and the timing and wait for pick up was ideal. Highly recommend.

Lyndsey K., 09/08/2019

Friendly staff and service

Felicity B., 09/08/2019

Excellent service. Would definitely book again and recommend

Damien F., 09/08/2019

Super nice Recommend

FLAVIUS M., 09/05/2019

Friendly staff, nice and easy service, even when we came back a day later because of a cancelled flight. Would highly recommend!

Sharon M., 09/01/2019

Excellent service. Delayed return flight did not cause any problems. Would certainly recommend.

Anthony C., 08/31/2019

Friendly chaps, good value for money, would definitely use again!

Louise M., 08/24/2019

Excellent service, friendly staff and hardly any waiting time at the airport when i arrived to pick up my car. Would highly recommend and use again.

Tara B., 08/22/2019

Very friendly driver, good service, no waiting, will use it again

shahid S., 08/21/2019

Very friendly, no long waiting. The place is just a bit hard to find, especially at night time, as there is no clear sign posting at the street/entrance. Would definitely park my car there again.

Jana O., 08/17/2019



  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
  • 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


1 jour £25.00
3 jours £28.00
5 jours £33.00
7 jours £35.00
10 jours £42.00
15 jours £52.00

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