Gander Airport
Cheap Parking near the Airport


Should you park near the Gander Airport?

It’s not a secret that parking at the Gander Airport is a difficult task to do. The parking fee is costly and more often than not, you can’t find an available parking spot. TravelCar comes in to help you with this conundrum and offers you effortless parking near Gander Airport.

A little summary on Gander Airport

The Gander International Airport is located in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Construction of the airport started in 1936, while it was opened in 1938. It is currently operated by the Gander International Airport Authority. The Canadian Forces Base Gander share the airfield with the airport but they’re a different entity.

Why TravelCar should be utilized for parking?

It’s known that Gander airport is a busy airport in Canada, meaning that the the day-to-day passenger traffic at the airport is always in abundance and many passengers can’t seem to find an available parking space at the airport due to that reason. Many of these passengers think it’s better to park near the airport, where parking is a lot cheaper, using the TravelCar service. TravelCar will provide you with the cheapest possible parking locations near the Gander airport. You may choose any one of these locations as you please. After choosing a parking location, you may book an available parking space there and your parking problem is solved. If you are staying at a hotel, you can choose a parking space near your hotel. It would interest you to learn that there’s a colossal difference between the parking fees at the airport’s parking zone and TravelCar’s parking zones. While the airport’s parking cost is just absurdly expensive, TravelCar offers you parking spots free of cost. This happens as your car is rented while the owner is away. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want have the time to park the car yourself, you can select valet parking and one of the valets will take care of the car for you. Automated parking is also available at these parking locations. Since there is 24/7 video surveillance at the parking locations, you don’t have to worry about theft of your car.

TravelCar also provides excellent customer support for you. If you are not satisfied with your booked parking space, contact the customer support and your problem will be sorted out. Over the years, TravelCar has provided top quality service to a lot of clients and due to this, a trustworthy bond has been formed between the clients and TravelCar. Many clients now give them their keys for safekeeping while they are gone. This ensures that the clients don’t lose their keys while they are enjoying their trip. TravelCar just wants its clients to have the best experience possible on their journey.

Excellent shuttle service launched

TravelCar has launched a new shuttle service, recently. Many of our clients had only one complaint and that was regarding the long walk from the parking spot to the airport. The introduction of this shuttle service has eliminated that long walk. Now, all you have to do is book your shuttle time and the shuttle will pick you up from you parking location and drop you off at the Gander airport. The most impressive factor of this service is the duration of time it takes for a shuttle to complete its excursion. Over multiple recordings, the average time has come out to be about 6 minutes. This makes TravelCar’s shuttle service one of the fastest in the entire world. While you lay on the comfortable seats of the shuttle, you can read various comic books and magazines to keep yourself occupied.

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