Your rental will be done on a vehicle with access by smartphone. Be sure to read the instructions below.


Aeroport De Merignac Zone De Fret R Roland Garros, 33700 Bordeaux, FR


Prepare your rental:

  1. We recommend downloading the Free2Move application on your smartphone ahead of your rental journey.
  2. Find your reservation in the “Booking” tab on your mobile application.
  3. Upload all your documents - Driving Licence, ID & your payment card details (PO for Key Accounts) to the application to insure a smooth and hygienic experience.
  4. The validation of your identity will take about ten minutes; if the quality of the photos does not allow the validity of the documents to be established, you will be invited to repeat the operation.
  5. The digital vehicle key is available in the "Reservation" tab once the deposit has been accepted. Remember to download it before the day of departure (telephone network coverage required).
  6. Unlock the vehicle with the digital key.
  7. The vehicle keys are in the glove box or in the centre console.
  8. You will be asked to follow the vehicle inspect process using the app.
  9. Final stage is for the inspection to be validated and for you to sign the agreement using the app.
  10. You are Free 2 Move.

Few details about the rental process

  • Security Deposit must be carried out before the rental, without deposit rental is not possible.
  • The vehicle must be returned to the same condition and with the same amount of fuel to avoid additional charges.
  • Please take care in carrying out the handover & return inspection process with accordance to the application to avoid any errors.

Réserver votre voiture

Horaires d'ouverture

  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ