Carhood Melbourne


44 Lillee Cres, VIC 3043 Tullamarine, AU


  1. Once at the airport, please call Carhood for shuttle bus service (6am-11pm) on the phone number listed above in this email.
  2. You will be given a meeting place at your terminal and the shuttle will arrive within 15 minutes, to transfer you to the depot.
  3. When you reach the depot, a Carhood agent will :
    • Collect the deposit from your credit card (ranges: AU$300 - AUD$750 depending car type and renter’s license).
    • Check your identity document and driver license (full license required, Int’l license accepted, IDP is needed for non English written license)
  4. You will proceed to the car inspection.
  5. You will then be able to leave the depot with the vehicle.

Réserver votre voiture

Horaires d'ouverture

  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ

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