Free2Move Rent - AUTO ALMOGAVERS “ Sant Gervasi “ - Barcelona (C)

Your rental will be handled by our trusted partner.

Auto Almogàvers S.L.U -


C/ Potosí, 1B, 08030 Barcelona, ES


Prepare your rental:

  1. We recommend downloading the Free2Move application on your smartphone ahead of your rental journey.
  2. Find your reservation in the “Booking” tab on your mobile application.
  3. Upload all your documents - Driving Licence, ID & your payment card details (PO for Key Accounts) to the application to insure a smooth and hygienic experience.
  4. Upon arrival at our offices, (or for Key Accounts, at the requested delivery address) please make your way to our rental desk so the rental agent can validate your uploaded documents.
  5. After validation, you will be asked to follow the vehicle inspect process using the app.
  6. Final stage is for the inspection to be validated and for you to sign the agreement using the app.
  7. You are Free 2 Move.

Few details about the rental process

  • Security Deposit must be carried out before the rental, without deposit rental is not possible.
  • The vehicle must be returned to the same condition and with the same amount of fuel to avoid additional charges.
  • Please take care in carrying out the handover & return inspection process with accordance to the application to avoid any errors.

You will need to bring the following documents for each driver: (Not applicable for Key Accounts):

  • Your debit or credit card used for the deposit (it must be in the lead driver's name);
  • A valid form of ID with the same name and address as the licence
  • A valid driving licence for each driver of the vehicle (in case your licence is in a foreign language, thank you for presenting an official translation),
  • (Only for UK licence)A "check code" from DVLA allowing the rental agent to carry out a licence check

WARNING: Without these items, our agents will not give you the vehicle.

Réserver votre voiture

Horaires d'ouverture

  • 9:30 ΠΜ - 1:30 ΜΜ
  • 4:00 ΜΜ - 7:00 ΜΜ
  • 9:30 ΠΜ - 1:30 ΜΜ
  • 4:00 ΜΜ - 7:00 ΜΜ
  • 9:30 ΠΜ - 1:30 ΜΜ
  • 4:00 ΜΜ - 7:00 ΜΜ
  • 9:30 ΠΜ - 1:30 ΜΜ
  • 4:00 ΜΜ - 7:00 ΜΜ
  • 9:30 ΠΜ - 1:30 ΜΜ
  • 4:00 ΜΜ - 7:00 ΜΜ

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