Port Harwich
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Expedient parking near the Port of Harwich

Are you tired of waiting for a parking space to open at the Port of Harwich? Do you want to save your time and park somewhere else instead? Well then, TravelCar offers you the ideal opportunity to park your car close to the Harwich Port and stop having to wait in line to park at the port.  

Get to know about the Harwich Port

Harwich Port is located in the sublime town of Harwich, which is situated in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. It is named after the port of Harwich in Essex. This port is a popular vacation spot on Cape Cod and it’s also home to the Wychmere Beach Club. The Port of Harwich is a census-designated place and covers an area of 3.5 square miles.

Great parking alternatives near Port Harwich

Finding an available parking spot at the Port of Harwich is a task that is very hard to achieve for a significant number of the travelers going through this sea-port. The reason behind this parking conundrum is the high intensity of passenger traffic passing through this port, every single day. The workaround to this issue is to park close to the Harwich Port. The administration of TravelCar will assist you with this. With the TravelCar, you may pick a parking area that suits you the most and after you’ve done that, book an accessible parking spot in that area. You can change your parking area or parking space if you’re not satisfied with it. This way you’ll abstain from paying a monstrous parking fee at the terminal port’s parking lot. An assortment of parking locations are available for you to choose from so select an area which is near the hotel you’re lodged at. Most of the passengers are not tourists so they just choose a location which is close to Port Harwich. TravelCar even has valet parking facilities for those travelers who might be getting a bit late for their cruise expedition or for any traveler that desires to utilize this service. A large amount of passengers choose to park their car manually, as well. There are camera installed in all of the parking locations provided by TravelCar so your car will be observed 24/7 through video surveillance.

There are some terrific features of TravelCar that make this administration one of the most well respected car services in the world. They are continually hoping to enhance their system and should you have any objections with this administration, all you need to do is inform the staff. They will make sure your word gets to the higher powers at TravelCar. They don’t take objections from their clients lightly and try to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Free shuttle conveys you to Port Harwich

Majority of the travelers who utilize the TravelCar administration to park their autos near the Port of Harwich find it difficult to walk from their parking spot all the way to the port. To aid its clients and providing them the best experience possible, TravelCar have started the shuttle service. This shuttle will transport you to the port in a rapid fashion. In the event that you are coming back from Port Harwich, this shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at the location of your parked car.


As you already know, the shuttle is quick and reaches its destination in approximately 6 minutes. This time is a significant improvement over most of the shuttle services out there. While you are being transported, you can read a few magazines or some fun comic books that are available for you to read and have a pleasing time. TravelCar's shuttle service is brilliant and has earned a great deal of acclaim from the clients.

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