Glasgow Queen Street

Glasgow Queen Street

Reasonable Parking Deals at Glasgow Queen Street

Sometimes, it can be a true inconvenience trying to find a good parking spot at the Glasgow Queen Street station. However, if you are smart enough to avail the parking services of TravelCar, you can easily book a feasible parking spot. We help you find a good parking spot at affordable prices. Therefore, you save a great deal of energy and resources!

Glasgow Queen Street Railway Station

Glasgow Queen Street is understandably a city centre railway terminal in Glasgow, Scotland. It started operating in 1842 and is located at Northern end of Queen Street next to George Square, between George Street to the south and Cathedral Street Bridge to the north. Even though the station is smaller than the city's two main line termini, it is the third busiest station in Scotland. Queen Street station operates in the northern towns and suburbs of Great Glasgow city, the Edinburgh shuttle and in the North of Scotland, it is the finishing point for all inner-city services to destinations. Currently, it is under redevelopment phase which is expected to complete in autumn 2020. In the year 2016/17, 20.55 million people commuted through the Queen Street station.

Easy Parking near the Glasgow Queen Street

Evidently, Queen Street station serves a huge number of people and since it is a city centre terminal, a lot of people would reach the station in their cars. Now, if a considerable percentage of passengers come to the station in cars, parking must be an issue considering how everyone likes to park near the destination. But understandably enough, it is not this simple to find a parking at Queen Street station. Hence, TravelCar has brought forward amazingly affordable parking offers for the station. You will have to choose the date on which you will park your car and the date on which you will pick it up. Then, you will be shown a list of possible parking options and you can choose anyone which suits your need – ever thought you would be booking a parking spot without having to circle the area? Well, TravelCar lets you do it all!

Convenience does not end here with TravelCar – we will assist you till the very end. How? Well, if you do not feel like driving your car all the way to the designated position, hand your car keys to one of our trusted valets and they will park your car for you. Then, we also provide car keys' safekeeping. If you fear that you might misplace the keys or want to keep them with us, you can do so effortlessly. Our patrons have shown great confidence in us and we take pride in serving you all. Therefore, you can always rest assured when it comes to safety and security at TravelCar. Each of the parking spots is equipped with top-notch security systems and guards are always checking around the premises. So, you should be at ease when it comes to the security at TravelCar.

Then, it holds a number of perks if you park your car through the service. In case you are parking through travel car for more than three months, you will be charged nothing for all this time your car was parked at an allocated space. Why? That is because we rent your car while you are away and make up for the earnings. Also, even you get a fair share in this rent! However, if there is anything at any point in time which you would like to bring to our notice, feel free to contact the 24/7 available friendly customer support team at TravelCar.

A convenient shuttle to move to and from Glasgow Queen Street

Now, should you be wondering how you will reach the station if you park your vehicle at a distance, know that there is an operational shuttle service from TravelCar. Whether you want to go to the station or come back to your parking spot, you are likely to find a shuttle – which will take you to your destination very comfortably, ensuring your journey is smooth and hassle free. Moreover, there are no additional charges for this shuttle service and you will reach you destination in a couple of minutes only. Therefore, rest assured when TravelCar claims to take care of your parking needs!

Tarifs de nos parkings

  1 jour 3 jours 5 jours 7 jours 10 jours 15 jours
Glasgow Skyport 24,17 лв. 43,95 лв. 70,39 лв. 94,54 лв. 125,38 лв. 147,48 лв.
Glasgow Direct Parking 32,97 лв. 145,11 лв. 340,83 лв. 646,53 лв. 1 165,56 лв. 2 045,29 лв.

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