Easy Parking P Terminal A - Coperto (0)

The selected car park offers you:

- Open parking spaces

- Free shuttle service: daily frequency 5 minutes/night 15 minutes.

- Video surveillance systems throughout the hotel

- Easy parking staff is always available to give you information and meet your needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

- Alitalia Miles Accumulation. You can earn 2 Alitalia Miles for every euro spent at the car park.

- 10% discount at airport bars and restaurants. To benefit from the discount, simply leave your car in one of our car parks and present, before paying the consumption, your booking voucher to one of the bars / restaurants of the airport.

- Pink car parks: courtesy parking spaces dedicated to new mothers, to facilitate the loading and unloading of strollers and pregnant women. In addition, they are equipped with SOS system on call, automatic cash machines in the immediate vicinity for payment, toilets on the floor or in the immediate vicinity.

- Trolleys for luggage transport.

- Free parking for the disabled. (Ask for a disabled card in Customer Service before leaving the car park).

Информация за агенцията

Via Antonio Zara, 54 Fiumicino RM, IT


Време на отваряне

  • 0:00 - 23:59
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  • 0:00 - 23:59

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